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 A Hidden Image In Pok'emon Diamond/Pearl

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High Genin

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PostSubject: A Hidden Image In Pok'emon Diamond/Pearl   Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:21 am

When you first battle Arceus, the god of Pok'emon, the screen flashes.

The screen flashes at a point of the video at 00:16.
Many people see it, and many are freaked out by it.

This video was not edited, and the image may be a little blurry.
My friends on YouTube and I say it looks like an image of... Dare I say it... God.

I'm Catholic, so this creeped me out. Well, pause it when the screen flashes at 00:16, and you'll see. I'm not joking.

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A Hidden Image In Pok'emon Diamond/Pearl
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